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Images: Fran Ortiz & Antonio de la Rubia

20 marzo, 2014 NEWS, PRESS


The first Goetia Session (Goetia Media and RockOn labor) has been a huge success! We played with Mother Gun who released (amazing) new songs of their next album and the hall was full of people who came to enjoy big sound, friends and a lot of talented photographers. There are some of the best pictures they captured of this perfect night. Big thanks to them! You should take a coffee break and check their outstanding work right now.

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14 febrero, 2014 NEWS


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Text: Morpheus Misfit | Images: Fran Ortiz, Estudio Demiurgo, María Martínez & Melarise


28 enero, 2014 NEWS, PRESS

© Fran Ortiz 09

Big set today by Fran Ortiz! Old and new sesion! (2010 – 2013)

14 mayo, 2013 NEWS


«El viaje, los ensayos, los cafés y el directo, todos juntos» Read more

Text: J. M. Salas | Images: Antonio de la Rubia, Melarise & Fran Ortiz

14 mayo, 2013 NEWS, PRESS