We’ve been on Music Manumit again,  kind of becoming a tradition :) talking about Resilience, Antonio de la Rubia, BlankCanvas, Luisa Torregrosa, David Lynch, Nooirax Producciones, Aladeriva records, Underground Music Club, composition, projects, passion, Netflix, music situation in US and ES, our strangeness, Creative Commons, terrorism, weather and future. Thank you Tom for this almost 1 hour interview! Always a pleasure.

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8 enero, 2017 NEWS, PRESS


There’s more to life than Kanye West, or Drake, or even—hear us out—Beyoncé. This has been a year of great music, and some extremely dope albums have slipped under the radar.

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27 diciembre, 2016 NEWS, PRESS


«Dejando, nuevamente, muy alto el listón de la innovación y la solvencia de un grupo que está llamado a ocupar un lugar privilegiado en el panorama musical» Read more

Text and Images: Maria Villa & FOL Contreras

16 mayo, 2016 NEWS, PRESS

© Victor Hernandez 8

Wonderful photoset by Victor Hernández

Málaga – Inmensa Festival (06-10-2012) and Etherea’s album release (26-01-2013)

1 febrero, 2013 NEWS

© Victor Hernandez 6

We had a beautiful saturday and night in Málaga with Etherea who was releasing their album: «Unseen ether» and invited us to share stage in the Eventual Music, a heavy place with lovely people and huge sound. Them and Pointless gave us a big show, so read this reviews and listen to them!


GOETIA METAL - 26/01/2013	Text and photos: Morpheus Misfit

GOETIA METAL - 26/01/2013	Text and photos: Morpheus Misfit

31 enero, 2013 NEWS, PRESS

© Victor Hernandez 7

Text & Images: Morpheus Misfit | Header image: Victor Hernández

26 enero, 2013 NEWS, PRESS


«Santa Marta Golden son la montaña rusa perfecta entre dulzura y agonía, cielo e infierno. Gran concierto.» Read more

Text & Images: Victor Hernández

23 enero, 2013 NEWS, PRESS


«Un viaje para los sentidos» Read more

Text: Iñaki Serrano & Hugo Espresati | Images: Hugo Espresati

9 octubre, 2012 NEWS, PRESS


«El mejor rock contemporáneo en el Festival Inmensa«

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29 septiembre, 2012 NEWS, PRESS