RESILIENCE (2016 – Nooirax Productions, Aladeriva records).

Slowing down the tempo and encouraging emotional distress, leaving a feeling close the epic, in a musical description of the imperturbable strength of resilience.


«El Fallo Humano» recorded by Sergio Vera at KBYO Producciones. Two songs: «Lethé» and «Recidive» had been masterized by Ted Jensen from Sterling Sound N.Y. (Deftones, Björk, Muse…) and some special guests as Sergio Vera (Demiurgo) or Alberto Cáceres (Sr. Souza).  FREE DOWNLOAD HERE!

LA CABEZA ESTROBOSCÓPICA | «El fallo humano» complement | (2012) The Bloody Dirty Sanchez Records

We decided to show our electronic face, not losing sight what we are: rare and distorted.

This work has 15 diferent artworks, thanks to big friends and artists: Ana Mur, Andrea Frontiñan, Antonio de la Rubia, Biñoka, Carlos Dingo, Eluis, Francisco Villalobos Santos, Françoise Costa, Julian Onfire, Melarise, Pablo Manuel Ferrer, Sergio Morales Rama, Sinclair Spectrum, Taká Maroto y Troche.

This DIY and limited edition is only avalaible on our gigs for the moment. All of them took part of an itinerary exhibition.


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