«Su sonido roza, peligrosamente, la más atrevida experimentación» | LIVE REVIEW [Rockon]


2014-01-13-Review-Rockon-Cortometraje-Angele-T We’ve been playing in a crowfounding festival with Brío Afín and the great Paco Román (Neuman). The project: «Angèle», a shortfilm about fragility, strength, overcoming and fighting cancer [supported by AECC (Asociación de Enfermos Contra El Cáncer), RFAK (Real Federación Andaluza de Karate) through Bubishi sport club, SUPER Media Entertaiment, La Cinetera and ESCAV]. Rockon was here and you can read their review here. [Text: María Villa · Images: Fol Contreras]

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